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WHO prequalifies novel oral polio vaccine, COVID deaths spike

COVID-19 deaths reach 10,000 with JN.1 variant surge, WHO prequalifies new oral polio vaccine;

No significant news yesterday.

Today ChatGPT read 1048 top news stories. After removing previously covered events, there are 2 articles with a significance score over 7.

[7.8] Around 10,000 coronavirus deaths reported to WHO in December — The Washington Post

In December, nearly 10,000 COVID-19 deaths were reported, with a 42% increase in hospitalizations and a 62% increase in ICU admissions from the previous month. The JN.1 variant is now globally prevalent, posing a higher infection risk even for the vaccinated or previously infected.

[7.1] Novel oral polio vaccine prequalified by WHO for distribution — News-Medical.Net

The World Health Organization has prequalified the novel type 2 oral polio vaccine (nOPV2), which has been distributed in 950 million doses globally. Prequalification allows easier access for WHO member countries, enhancing the vaccine's reach, especially in developing nations. The nOPV2 is designed to be more stable than previous vaccines, reducing the risk of the virus mutating into a harmful form.

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