US tightens trade settlement window + 1 more story

MacKenzie Scott donates $640M; US shifts to one-day trade settlements

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[7.1] MacKenzie Scott donates $640 million to nonprofits
The Associated Press

MacKenzie Scott announced a $640 million donation to 361 small nonprofits, a major increase over the initial pledge. This marks Yield Giving's first donation round through a public application process, contrasting with Scott's prior method of selecting organizations without applications for unrestricted funds. Over 6,000 nonprofits applied, with 279 receiving $2 million each and 82 getting $1 million, based on evaluation scores. Scott has donated $16.5 billion since 2019.

[6.9] US accelerates asset trading settlement to one day
Financial Times [$]

Starting May 28, the US will shorten the settlement time for trades from two days to one. This change, known as T+1, aims to reduce risk and modernize the system. It was prompted by the GameStop trading frenzy in January 2021. The shift will be a challenge for investors and firms, especially outside the US, due to time zones and currency exchanges. Some may face higher costs and liquidity issues.

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