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US braces for extreme weather, North Korea aids Russia in Ukraine

Extreme US weather: snow, storms, floods; North Korea provides missiles for Russia's Ukraine attacks.

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[7.1] Extreme weather across US: snow, blizzards, storms, flooding, cold outbreak — The Washington Post [$]

This week, the contiguous United States will experience extraordinary weather events due to a clash between Arctic and mid-latitude air. Fueled by a strong El Niño, the country will face multiple severe weather extremes, including possible tornadoes, blizzards, and monster waves.

The East Coast anticipates a snowstorm with 4-8 inches of snow in some areas, while California braces for high waves and the Sierra Nevada for heavy snowfall and winds. The Midwest is at risk of a blizzard, and the South may see severe storms and tornadoes. Flooding rains are expected in the East, with a significant cold air outbreak looming in about eight days, potentially affecting much of North America.

[7.1] North Korea provided missiles to Russia for Ukraine attacks — The Hill

Russia, aided by North Korea's ballistic missiles, escalates attacks in Ukraine. North Korea supplied a missile launcher and missiles, used in recent strikes, marking a concerning rise in their support for Moscow. In return, North Korea seeks advanced military technology. This development highlights a deepening Russia-North Korea partnership, driven by global sanctions and isolation.

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