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Universe's structure in question, solar tech extends panel life

Universe less clumpy than expected, challenging cosmology; EtaVolt technology extends life of most solar panels; U.N. adopts Gaza aid resolution

No significant news yesterday (expect less news and fewer emails over the holidays).

Today ChatGPT read 1043 top news stories. After removing previously covered events, there are 3 articles with a significance score over 7.

[7.1] Survey finds universe less clumpy than expected, challenging cosmology — Livescience.com

A study of over 25 million galaxies revealed a discrepancy in the universe's clumpiness, challenging the standard cosmology model. Light warping measurements from distant galaxies suggest a less dense cosmos. This finding, published in Physical Review D, could necessitate new physics or an alternative universe model. The contradiction, labeled the Hubble tension, raises questions about dark matter and energy proportions in the universe. More precise future telescope measurements are expected to provide clarity.

[7.1] U.N. resolution for Gaza aid adopted, U.S. and Russia abstain — The Associated Press

The U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution to expedite aid deliveries to Gaza, excluding a demand for an immediate halt to hostilities between Israel and Hamas. The U.S. and Russia abstained, with the U.S. avoiding a third veto against Gaza resolutions. Russia criticized its lack of stronger language, while Palestine and Arab nations supported a failed Russian amendment for immediate cease-fire. Israel criticized the Council's failure to condemn Hamas. The resolution, softened from its original draft, still emphasizes the need for humanitarian aid and a sustainable peace.

[7.1] New technology extends life of 90% of solar panels — Interesting Engineering

EtaVolt has developed a technology to rejuvenate and extend the life of photovoltaic panels. Applicable to about 90% of global panels, this field-tested innovation addresses the 10% efficiency loss in panels due to harsh conditions, translating to a global energy loss of US$2 billion. EtaVolt's Advanced Regeneration Technology repairs damage and recovers up to 5% lost field performance. The process takes under five minutes and can protect panels for up to five years.

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