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  • Tesla overtaken by China’s BYD, SpaceX launches first Direct-To-Cell satellite

Tesla overtaken by China’s BYD, SpaceX launches first Direct-To-Cell satellite

BYD tops electric car sales, beating Tesla; RSV vaccines for over 60s; SpaceX debuts Direct-To-Cell satellite

Today ChatGPT read 1296 top news stories. After removing previously covered events, there are 3 articles with a significance score over 7.

[7.3] China’s BYD overtakes Tesla as top electric car seller — The Guardian

In 2023, Chinese electric carmaker BYD surpassed Tesla as the world's top-selling electric car manufacturer, producing 3.02m new energy vehicles compared to Tesla's 1.84m. BYD's sales include 1.6m battery-only cars and 1.4m hybrids. BYD outsold Tesla in battery-only cars in the final quarter of 2023. BYD aims to become a major player in international markets, targeting 800,000 car sales annually in Europe by 2030.

[7.0] RSV vaccines would dramatically reduce disease burden if widely adopted like flu shots — News-Medical.Net

Recent approval of RSV vaccines for adults over 60 in the U.S. could significantly reduce illness and death rates, with widespread adoption similar to flu vaccines. These vaccines address RSV's severe impact on elderly, causing 60,000-160,000 hospitalizations and 6,000-10,000 deaths annually. The study models potential reductions in medical care and deaths, finding that 66% vaccination coverage could decrease outpatient care by up to 53.6%, hospitalizations by 60.5%, and deaths by 60.4%.

[7.0] Starlink launches first-ever Direct-To-Cell satellite — Hindustan Times

SpaceX successfully launched 21 Starlink satellites, including the first Direct-To-Cell satellite, aiming to provide text, internet, and mobile network coverage globally. The Direct-To-Cell service will be operational for text in 2024 and for voice, data, and IOT in 2025. It will work with LTE phones, offering connectivity without the need for external hardware. The service targets remote and rural areas, promising faster and more reliable internet and cell service.

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