Telecoms are planning 5.5G upgrades + 1 more story

SpaceX to launch methane monitor; Telecoms plan network boost with 5.5G

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[7.0] MethaneSAT satellite to track global methane emissions — The New York Times [interactive]

MethaneSAT, a new satellite, is set to launch on a SpaceX rocket to monitor methane emissions globally. Developed by the Environmental Defense Fund, it will use a high-resolution infrared sensor and spectrometer to detect methane from oil and gas sites. MethaneSAT aims to cover 80-90% of global oil and gas production, enhancing leak detection and accountability. The satellite's data will be public.

[6.8] Telecom operators plan 5.5G upgrade for faster speeds — CNBC

Telecom operators are already discussing the next upgrade after 5G, known as 5G Advanced or 5.5G, at the Mobile World Congress. 5G Advanced promises faster uplink speeds and more intelligent networks through AI and machine learning. Huawei expects commercial deployments of 5G Advanced to begin in 2024, capable of 10 Gbps downlink speeds.

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