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Superbug rise, prenatal cannabis risks, and needle-free vaccines

Rising superbug threats, prenatal cannabis exposure's dangers, and the Gates Foundation's major investment in needle-free vaccines

Today ChatGPT read 1241 top news stories. After removing previously covered events, there are 3 articles with a significance score over 7.

[7.9] Rise of drug-resistant infections is a global threat — The Conversation

The rise of drug-resistant infections is a global threat, with antibiotic-resistant superbugs estimated to have caused 1.27 million deaths in 2019. The UN projects 10 million annual deaths by 2050. Microbiologist Nubwa Medugu in Nigeria faces increasing antibiotic resistance, with over 60% resistance to last-resort antibiotics. Scientists are using AI and metagenomics to find new antibiotics, such as clovibactin discovered in uncultured soil bacteria.

[7.2] Prenatal cannabis exposure linked to adverse birth outcomes — Neuroscience News

A meta-analysis of 57 studies with over 12 million infants found that prenatal cannabis exposure increases the risk of preterm birth, low birth weight, and neonatal intensive care unit admission. The research, spanning from 1984 to 2023, includes over 100,000 infants exposed to cannabis. However, no higher risk of birth defects or infant mortality was found.

[7.1] Gates Foundation grants $23.6M for needle-free vaccine technology — Reuters

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has granted $23.6 million to Micron Biomedical for mass production of needle-free vaccine technology. The technology uses dissolvable microneedles on a patch to deliver vaccines, simplifying transportation and administration, particularly in low-income countries. A trial in Gambia showed it to be as safe and effective as syringes. The funding will help establish a manufacturing facility to produce around 10 million devices annually.

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