Rare solar storm strikes Earth + 2 more stories

Moderna's vaccines advance to finals, Strongest geomagnetic storm in years, BlackRock's CEO warns of retirement crisis

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[7.0] Moderna moves three vaccines into final stage trials — CNBC

Moderna announced positive trial results for three new vaccines, advancing them to final studies. The company seeks to diversify beyond its sole Covid vaccine, with demand for Covid shots dropping. Moderna's portfolio, potentially worth $52 billion, includes vaccines for norovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, and a virus causing shingles. They also have a next-gen Covid vaccine and a flu shot in late-stage trials.

[6.9] Earth hit by radiation from rare 'double' X-class solar flare, triggering most powerful geomagnetic storm in 6 years — Livescience.com

Earth was hit by the strongest geomagnetic storm in over six years, caused by a rare double X-class solar flare. This event, signaling the sun's peak activity period, or solar maximum, produced vibrant auroras worldwide. The storm was the result of two sunspots ejecting a coronal mass ejection that weakened Earth's magnetic shield. The last storm of this magnitude occurred in September 2017. These storms can disrupt satellites and power grids.

[6.8] CEO of BlackRock warns of "retirement crisis" due to inadequate savings — The Guardian

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, warns of a looming retirement crisis due to insufficient savings and longer lifespans. With medical advances like obesity drugs extending life, financial planning hasn't kept pace. By 2050, one in six people will be over 65, up from one in 11 in 2019. Fink highlights the strain on the US retirement system, with full social security benefits at risk by 2034.

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[6.6] Apple set to unveil AI strategy at June 10 worldwide developers conference
(South China Morning Post + 25)

[6.6] Mastercard, Visa reach $30 billion settlement over credit card fees
(CNBC + 4)

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