Nvidia now most valuable company + 3 more stories

Thailand legalizes same-sex marriage. Nvidia surpasses Apple. Putin seeks ammo. New mental health biotypes identified.

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[6.2] Thailand legalizes same-sex marriage, first in Southeast Asia — CNN

Thailand’s Senate approved a marriage equality bill, making it the first Southeast Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage. The bill awaits royal endorsement, expected as a formality, and will become law 120 days post-publication in the royal gazette. This legislation grants LGBTQ+ couples equal rights in areas like inheritance and adoption.

[6.1] Nvidia surpasses Microsoft and Apple as most valuable company — The New York Times [$]

Nvidia has become the world’s most valuable public company, surpassing Microsoft and Apple. Powered by the AI boom and high demand for its GPUs, Nvidia's market value surged from over $1 trillion to $3.34 trillion within a year.

[5.7] Personalized brain circuit scores define six depression and anxiety biotypes — News-Medical.Net

Researchers used fMRI data to create personalized brain circuit dysfunction scores, defining six distinct depression and anxiety biotypes. Studying 800 patients, findings indicated that these biotypes predict differential responses to behavioral therapy and antidepressants. The study, published in Nature Medicine, suggests that these biotypes can refine clinical diagnoses and improve treatment efficacy.

[5.5] Putin seeks ammunition in North Korea amid Ukraine conflict — The Washington Post [$]

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in North Korea, marking his first visit in nearly 25 years, to strengthen military ties as Moscow seeks munitions for its war against Ukraine. North Korea reportedly transferred over 11,000 containers of munitions to Russia.

Highly covered news with significance over 4.8:

[5.4] AI enables early Parkinson's diagnosis with new blood test
(Express + 3)

[5.0] EU uses legal tools to negotiate with China on EVs
(Financial Times + 13)

[4.8] Biden grants legal protections to undocumented spouses of citizens
(The New York Times + 5)

[4.8] Google DeepMind AI adds sound to silent videos
(Tom's Guide + 4)

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