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Non-invasive brain cancer test, IRS confronts rampant COVID fraud

New blood test revolutionizes brain tumor diagnosis; Congress moves to end fraud-ridden COVID program

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[7.2] World-first blood test for brain cancer may increase survival rates — The Guardian

Researchers at Imperial College London have developed a new blood test that can accurately diagnose brain tumors. This non-invasive test, called TriNetra-Glio, detects tumor cells in the blood, offering a quicker and safer alternative to surgical biopsies. It promises to speed up treatment and could improve survival rates for brain cancer patients. Further studies are planned, with potential patient benefits within two years.

[7.0] Congress is trying to end a COVID-era program that's awash in fraud — The Associated Press

The IRS Commissioner confirmed to senators that an estimated 95% of claims for the employee retention tax credit are fraudulent. The program, initially costing $55 billion, has surged to nearly five times that amount. The House committee passed the bill to end the program, but full congressional approval is uncertain. The IRS has paused new claims and is investigating fraud.

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