New phone tech tests blood sugar + 1 more story

New glucose monitoring with smartphones; India's election criticized for stifling opposition.

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[6.8] India's upcoming election faces criticism for stifling opposition — Financial Times [$]

In India, the world's largest democratic election will begin in over two weeks, involving nearly 1 billion voters over 44 days. However, there are concerns about democracy's health due to increased pressure on opposition parties. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP has been accused of using state agencies to target rivals, with arrests of opposition leaders, and freezing bank accounts. The BJP claims these actions are anti-corruption efforts, not political. The opposition alleges the BJP is unfairly influencing the election, despite leading in polls.

[6.8] Researchers develop new technique to measure blood glucose using smartphone — The Indian Express

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has developed a novel method that repurposes the magnetometer in smartphones—commonly used for navigation—to accurately measure blood glucose levels. By attaching a solution-filled well and a hydrogel strip containing magnetic particles to a smartphone, changes in the hydrogel caused by glucose or pH variations alter the magnetic field detected by the magnetometer. This technique, demonstrated to accurately detect minute glucose concentrations, could lead to affordable, easy-to-produce test kits for smartphone-based glucose monitoring.

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