New HIV drug is 100% effective + 2 more stories

China invests $800bn in grid for green energy; 27 of 1,000 kids in India die from dirty fuels; Lenacapavir shows 100% efficacy in HIV prevention trial.

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[7.1] China invests $800bn in grid to support green energy — Financial Times [$]

China is investing over $800bn in its electricity grid over six years to support a shift from coal to renewables. In 2024, China's power grid projects received $17bn, a 24.9% increase from the previous year. The country plans to increase capital expenditure from $102bn to $157bn by 2030. Despite challenges, China aims to modernize its grid to meet rising electricity demand and environmental goals.

[6.4] 27 of every 1,000 Indian children die from dirty cooking fuels — South First

A report by Cornell University reveals 27 of every 1,000 babies and children in India die due to exposure to dirty cooking fuels. Using household survey data from 1992 to 2016, it found higher mortality in girls due to neglect. Globally, a third of the population cooks with biomass, contributing to 3.2 million deaths annually.

[6.3] New HIV prevention drug lenacapavir shows 100% efficacy — ScienceAlert

A clinical trial in South Africa and Uganda involving 5,000 participants revealed that a twice-yearly injection of lenacapavir fully prevents HIV in young women. In the randomized trial, lenacapavir showed 100% efficacy compared to 1.5% and 1.8% infection rates in women taking daily Truvada and Descovy pills, respectively.

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[5.6] Kyiv copes with aftermath of children's hospital strike
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