New flu test identifies flu subtypes

Severe flooding hits Upper Midwest states. New flu test uses CRISPR for faster results. EU bypasses Hungary for Ukraine aid. Australia fines supermarkets for price gouging.

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[6.3] (US) Catastrophic flooding hits Upper Midwest, heat wave shifts to Mid-Atlantic — CNN

Record-breaking heat in the Mid-Atlantic is impacting over 100 million people, while catastrophic flash flooding forces evacuations in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and New Mexico. Iowa issued a disaster proclamation for 21 counties. Sioux Falls saw rainfall of 6.5-8 inches. New Mexico wildfires burned 24,200 acres. Severe storms threaten Northern New England with damaging winds and tornadoes.

[6.2] New flu test using CRISPR for faster, cheaper diagnosis — News-Medical.Net

Researchers have developed a low-cost, paper strip test using CRISPR to diagnose and differentiate flu types and subtypes, potentially transforming flu diagnosis and surveillance. The test offers results in 90 minutes and may be adapted for detecting other viruses like H5N1. This innovation could enhance clinical care and public health responses.

[6.0] EU bypasses Hungary veto on Ukraine support — Financial Times [$]

The EU has devised a legal workaround to bypass Hungary's veto on using profits from Russia's frozen assets to support Ukraine. This could facilitate the G7's $50bn loan to Kyiv. Hungary, which abstained from the initial agreement and opposes EU military support to Ukraine, is blocking €6.6bn in related decisions.

[5.7] Australia threatens fines for supermarket price gouging — Financial Times [$]

The Australian government plans to enforce a mandatory code of conduct on large supermarket chains like Woolworths and Coles, which control 65% of the market, to prevent price gouging and support fair prices. Breaches could result in fines up to 10% of annual turnover, potentially A$5bn for Woolworths and A$4bn for Coles.

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[5.4] Diabetes medication shows promise for treating sleep disorder
(Eastern Mirror + 6)

[5.3] Apple charged for violating EU DMA rules with anti-steering policies
(The Verge + 5)

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