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Hidden gig economy workers and NASA's new heat shield tech

US may undercount gig workers, affecting jobs data. NASA's test for larger spacecraft successful

Today ChatGPT read 1087 top news stories. After removing previously covered events, there are 2 articles with a significance score over 7.

[7.3] US jobs data may be miscounting millions of 'gig' workers, research suggests — Reuters

Boston Fed research indicates millions of U.S. gig workers might be uncounted in employment reports, impacting Federal Reserve job market and inflation assessments. This discrepancy, potentially involving up to 13 million workers, suggests a tighter labor market with more capacity to grow without inflation. The study highlights significant gaps in understanding labor dynamics, crucial for shaping monetary policy and economic insights.

[7.1] Successful NASA test paves way for larger spacecraft — NASA

In November 2022, NASA successfully tested a new inflatable heat shield technology, reaching speeds over 18,000 mph and temperatures near 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit during atmosphere re-entry. This test demonstrated the potential for larger spacecraft to safely land on celestial bodies like Mars, Venus, and even Saturn’s moon, Titan. The success has led to a partnership with United Launch Alliance to develop a larger version of a shield.

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