Google tackles AI-generated spam + 1 more story

$600m to battle cervical cancer; Google combats AI spam

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[7.6] World Bank, Gates, UN pledge $600m to end cervical cancer — The Straits Times

Global health donors pledged $600 million to fight cervical cancer, aiming to increase vaccine, screening, and treatment access globally. The World Bank, Gates Foundation, and UNICEF are key funders. Cervical cancer claims a life every two minutes, mostly in low-income countries. High-income countries have seen benefits from HPV vaccines since the 2000s.

[7.3] Google announces major update to combat AI-generated spam in search results — WIRED [$]

Google is set to implement a major update to combat algorithmically generated spam, aiming to reduce "low-quality, unoriginal content" in search results by 40%. The changes target "scaled content abuse," domain squatting, and "reputation abuse." The update will also crack down on obituary spam and AI clickbait networks. Google's new policy will start enforcement immediately, with a 60-day notice for reputational abuse.

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