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  • Gaza death toll hits 30,000, Biden signs order against data threats

Gaza death toll hits 30,000, Biden signs order against data threats

Gaza airstrike death toll soars; U.S data protection ramps up.

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[7.1] Gaza Health Ministry says over 30,000 Palestinians killed — The Associated Press

An airstrike in Gaza City killed at least 70 people, raising the death toll to over 30,000 since the Israel-Hamas conflict began. The strike targeted Palestinians awaiting aid, which has been scarce due to the war. The U.N. reports that a quarter of Gaza's population faces starvation, with 80% displaced. International efforts are underway to negotiate a ceasefire before Ramadan.

[6.8] Biden issues executive order to shield Americans’ sensitive data from foreign foes — The Associated Press

President Joe Biden signed an executive order to protect Americans' personal data from foreign threats like China and Russia. The order aims to prevent large-scale data transfers to "countries of concern" and sets up safeguards against sensitive data access. It targets data brokers who sell personal information, which can be used for surveillance or blackmail. Enforcement mechanisms are pending, with rulemaking processes expected to take months.

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