Earth sees 13th hottest month in June + 3 more stories

Earth sets 13th month heat record; Hurricane Beryl devastates Carriacou; Hamas backs Gaza ceasefire; French elections result in hung parliament.

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[6.7] June marks 13th consecutive record-breaking hot month — The Associated Press

Earth experienced its 13th consecutive month of record-high temperatures in June 2024, per the European climate service Copernicus. June was 1.5°C warmer than pre-industrial levels, marking the third-hottest month ever recorded. Oceans also set 15-month heat records.

[6.4] Hurricane Beryl devastates island of Carriacou — UN News

The island of Carriacou in Grenada has been devastated by Hurricane Beryl, affecting 100% of its population. The hurricane, the strongest June hurricane in Atlantic history, reached Category 5 with 240 km/h (150 mph) winds. International aid is underway, with significant logistical challenges. Over 650,000 people, including 150,000 children, in multiple Caribbean nations were affected.

[6.2] Hamas reportedly backs new Gaza ceasefire proposal — The Guardian

Hamas has reportedly given initial approval to a US-backed phased ceasefire deal in Gaza. Key elements include hostage releases and Israeli withdrawal from Gaza cities. Key mediators include Egypt, Washington, and Qatar. Israeli-Gaza conflict casualties: 1,200 Israelis and over 38,000 Gazans.

[6.1] French elections result in hung parliament, leftists gain most seats — The Associated Press

In recent French legislative elections, a coalition of left-wing parties won the most seats but did not secure a majority, resulting in a hung parliament. The leftist New Popular Front coalition gained over 180 seats, ahead of President Macron’s centrist alliance with more than 160 seats, and Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally with over 140 seats. This outcome leaves France without a clear governmental direction ahead of the Paris Olympics and various international engagements.

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[5.9] Earth's inner core slowing down, moving in reverse direction
(Moneycontrol + 6)

[5.5] GLP-1 agonists like Ozempic lower cancer risks in study
(ScienceAlert + 16)

[5.1] Mars organic material discovery sheds light on Earth's origins
(The Daily Galaxy + 3)

[5.0] Reformist Pezeshkian wins Iran's presidency, aims for change
(Financial Times + 12)

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