Dengue fever outbreak in Brazil + 2 more stories

Europe faces urgent climate dangers; Brazil's acute dengue outbreak; China's property sector struggles

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[7.1] European Environment Agency warns of urgent climate risks in Europe — The Guardian

The European Environment Agency (EEA) warns that Europe is unprepared for increasing climate risks. The EEA's report identifies 36 significant climate risks, with half needing more action and five requiring urgent attention. Southern Europe is a "hotspot" for urgent risks like crop safety and wildfires. The report highlights Europe's rapid warming, about twice the global average, and stresses that current policies are not keeping pace with escalating risks.

[6.9] Brazil faces dengue fever crisis — The Washington Post [$]

Dengue fever is causing a health crisis in Brazil. In the first two months of 2024, Brazil saw over 1 million dengue cases, with expectations of reaching 4.2 million by year-end. The surge is linked to climate change, which expands the mosquito's range and lifespan. Paraguay, Peru, and Argentina also report high cases. The U.S. and southern Europe are experiencing local transmissions, raising concerns about the disease becoming more widespread.

[6.9] China's insolvent real estate firms face bankruptcy or restructuring — CNBC

China's housing minister, Ni Hong, stated that insolvent real estate firms should go bankrupt or restructure legally, without expecting government bailouts. He emphasized that companies harming public interests would face legal consequences. This stance comes as large developers like Evergrande default on debts and new home sales drop, questioning the industry's future.

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