Deadly gunfire in Moscow + 2 more stories

Ukraine's power grid attacked; Moscow concert shooting kills 93; DR Congo faces hunger, disease.

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[7.4] Russia attacks Ukrainian electrical power facilities — The Associated Press

Russia launched a massive attack on Ukraine's power grid leaving hundreds of thousands without electricity. Over 150 drones and missiles targeted energy facilities, including Ukraine's largest hydroelectric plant, which also affected a nuclear power station. The assault, described as the most severe since the war's start in 2022, came after increased Ukrainian strikes in Russia.

[7.2] Russia arrests four alleged gunmen over concert hall attack near Moscow as death toll rises to 93 — ABC News

In a deadly attack near Moscow, gunmen killed 93 people at Crocus City Hall. Russia arrested 11, including four suspected attackers. ISIS-K claimed responsibility. The incident occurred just before a concert, causing a fire and panic. Security has been increased, and mass gatherings in Moscow are canceled.

[7.2] DR Congo facing alarming levels of violence, hunger, poverty, disease — Voice of America - VOA News

The World Health Organization warns of alarming levels of hunger, poverty, malnutrition, and disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with 10 million people displaced, 25.4 million facing poverty and hunger, and 6 million children suffering from chronic malnutrition. Floods have affected 2 million people, exacerbating health risks. The country is battling cholera, measles, polio, yellow fever, anthrax, plague, and a growing threat of mpox.

Highly covered news with significance over 6.5:

[6.6] Haiti faces escalating gang violence, leading to mass displacement
(The Associated Press + 4)

[6.6] Princess Kate Middleton reveals cancer diagnosis, starts chemotherapy
(The Independent + 38)

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