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Cybercrime gang LockBit dismantled, China slashes key loan rate

Major blow to LockBit ransomware gang; China cuts key rate to aid property sector; Zimbabwe's polio vaccination drive; NHS screens for Lynch syndrome

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[7.7] Global law enforcement dismantles prolific cybercrime gang LockBit — The Independent

In a major global operation, British and American law enforcement, along with 10 countries, took down the prolific cybercrime gang LockBit, responsible for ransomware attacks on Royal Mail, Boeing, and others. The gang's attacks have cost "billions" in ransomware payments and recovery costs. The operation seized the gang's infrastructure, source code, and decryption keys, effectively rendering LockBit redundant. Five Russian nationals linked to the group have been indicted, with two in custody. Over 200 cryptocurrency accounts linked to the group have been frozen. The gang's tool for stealing data, StealBit, has been seized, and more than 1,000 decryption keys have been found. Although LockBit may try to rebuild, the law enforcement action is a significant short-term blow.

[6.9] China cuts key interest rate in latest move to boost its ailing property sector — The Associated Press

China's central bank reduced its 5-year loan prime rate by 0.25 basis points to 3.95%, while the 1-year rate stayed at 3.45%. This is the largest cut for the 5-year rate and the first since May. The move aims to support the struggling property market, following a crackdown on high borrowing. Despite the cut, analysts believe more measures are needed to boost the sector. The property market is crucial for China's economy, but developers face defaults and financial challenges. The market's response to the rate cut was minimal.

[6.8] Zimbabwe launches emergency polio vaccination campaign due to mutated virus — The Washington Post [$]

Zimbabwe launched an emergency polio vaccination campaign for over 4 million children under 10 after detecting a mutated virus from an oral vaccine in sewage samples in Harare. The country is using a new vaccine designed to prevent such mutations. The campaign aims for two rounds of over 10 million doses. Globally, vaccine-linked polio cases outnumber wild virus cases, with over 500 in various countries, mostly in Africa.

[6.8] NHS England launches screening program for Lynch syndrome — The Guardian

The NHS in England is starting a pioneering screening program for people with Lynch syndrome, a condition that raises cancer risk. This initiative, the first of its kind globally, aims to catch cancer early, making treatment more effective. Those with Lynch syndrome will have bowel checks every two years, which could prevent 40-60% of them from developing bowel cancer. Currently, 10,000 people are on the register, with 1,100 bowel cancer cases linked to the syndrome annually. The NHS is also expanding genetic testing to identify more individuals with the condition.

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