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Court grants ex-presidents broad immunity + 2 more stories

Ex-presidents gain legal immunity; Buffett shifts wealth to new charity; EU slaps Meta with data law violation.

Today ChatGPT read 1208 top news stories. After removing previously covered events, there are 3 articles with a significance score over 6.

[6.6] (US) Supreme Court rules ex-presidents have broad immunity from prosecution — PBS NewsHour

The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that former presidents have broad immunity from prosecution for official acts, impacting the criminal case against Donald Trump for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. The decision highlighted a divide among justices and significantly affects the timing of potential trials before the November election.

[6.1] Warren Buffett to leave wealth to new foundation led by his children — Financial Times [$]

Warren Buffett will donate the majority of his $130 billion wealth to a new foundation led by his children upon his death, ending gifts to the Gates Foundation, to which he has donated $43 billion over two decades. His new foundation will be one of the largest, surpassing $75 billion Gates and $16 billion Ford foundations.

[6.0] Meta breaches EU digital law by charging for ad-free social networks — The Guardian

Meta's "pay or consent" ad-free model for Facebook and Instagram has breached the EU's Digital Markets Act, according to the European Commission. Launched last year, the model either charges users or requires them to consent to data use. The commission's investigation found it forces data collection from multiple platforms, violating the act. Meta faces potential fines up to $13.5bn.

Highly covered news with significance over 5:

[5.8] Hurricane Beryl strengthens to Category 5, causes devastation in Caribbean
(The Associated Press + 25)

[5.6] James Webb Space Telescope finds mysterious objects challenging galaxy evolution theories
(Space.com + 12)

[5.2] New neuroprosthetic allows natural gait via neural control
(Neuroscience News + 5)

[5.0] NASA awards SpaceX $843 million to deorbit International Space Station
(Livescience.com + 63)

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