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China pivots to domestic growth, Tech giants dominate market

China shifts to boost domestic economy; 'Super Seven' tech giants now dominate global stock market, sparking diversification concerns

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[7.3] Chinese economic strategy shifts to domestic demand-led growth — The Hindu

The 2023 Chinese Central Economic Work Conference emphasized stability-oriented economic growth for 2024, shifting focus from export-led to domestic demand-led growth. Key strategies include promoting high-quality growth, self-reliance in core technologies, and financial discipline. Measures include boosting domestic consumption, vitalizing research and development in high-tech sectors, and implementing prudent monetary and proactive fiscal policies.

[7.1] "Super Seven" dominate stock market, raise diversification concerns — The Guardian

The stock market story of 2023 is the rise of the "Super Seven" or "Magnificent Seven" - Meta, Amazon, Apple, Google (Alphabet), Microsoft, Tesla, and Nvidia. These companies now account for 17.2% of the MSCI All Country World Index, surpassing the combined representation of Japan, the UK, China, France, and Canada. Their collective value has risen by 74% in 2023, while the rest of the world's equities have managed only 12%. This extreme market concentration raises concerns about potential future performance and the lack of diversification for investors.

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