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  • Biden-Xi meeting stabilizes relations; Britain's gene therapy breakthrough

Biden-Xi meeting stabilizes relations; Britain's gene therapy breakthrough

US-China leaders stabilize ties and discuss AI, UK approves innovative gene therapy, NHS's diabetes program excels, Microsoft debuts AI and cloud chips

Today ChatGPT read 1293 top news stories. After removing previously covered events, there are 4 articles with a significance score over 7.

[7.6] Biden and Xi aim to stabilize US-China relationship — The Associated Press

U.S. President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping met in California, agreeing to stabilize their relationship. They reached agreements on combating illegal fentanyl and re-establishing military communications. Xi promised to send new pandas to the U.S. The leaders discussed economic competition, global security threats, Taiwan, and Iran. They also agreed to establish dialogues on artificial intelligence and address the climate crisis.

[7.4] Britain authorizes gene therapy Casgevy for blood disorders — Reuters

Britain has authorized Casgevy, a gene therapy using CRISPR, to treat sickle-cell disease and β-thalassemia in patients aged 12 and over. The therapy has shown to restore healthy haemoglobin production in the majority of participants, with no significant safety concerns. Casgevy is administered by editing a gene in the patient's stem cells and then infusing them back.

[7.3] NHS diabetes prevention program shows positive results — The Guardian

A major international study found that the NHS's diabetes prevention program led to significant improvements in weight and cholesterol levels for prediabetic patients. Over 1.3 million people have been referred to the program, with 120,000 participating this year. Patients experienced reductions in blood glucose levels, BMI, weight, and bad cholesterol. The findings, published in Nature, suggest that behavior change programs are a viable strategy for diabetes prevention.

[7.1] Microsoft unveils custom AI and cloud computing chips — Reuters

Microsoft unveiled two custom-designed computing chips at its Ignite developer conference. The Maia chip is designed to accelerate AI computing tasks for its Copilot service, while the Cobalt chip, made with Arm Holdings technology, aims to compete with Amazon Web Services' Graviton series. Microsoft plans to use the chips internally and offer cloud services running on Nvidia and AMD chips.

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