Apple supplier announces battery leap + 3 more stories

Eastern U.S. experiences extreme heat wave. EU approves law for ecosystem restoration. TDK reveals advanced solid-state battery. TikTok introduces AI avatars and dubbing tools.

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[6.3] Eastern U.S. faces extreme heat wave reaching 100 degrees — The Washington Post [$]

An exceptional heat wave will impact the Midwest, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic, with triple-digit heat indexes stretching from the Gulf Coast to Canada. The National Weather Service warns of “prolonged, dangerously hot conditions” from June 17, 2024, especially affecting vulnerable groups. Cities like Boston, Newark, and Washington could see record-breaking temperatures nearing 100°F (37.7C).

[5.7] EU countries approve Nature Restoration Law after deadlock — EURACTIV

EU member states approved the Nature Restoration Law, in a Council meeting in Luxembourg, overcoming previous opposition. The law mandates the restoration of 20% of degraded EU ecosystems by 2030 and all by 2050. It passed with 20 countries representing 66% of the population. The law will be enacted after 20 days.

[5.6] Apple supplier TDK claims solid-state battery breakthrough — Financial Times [$]

Japan’s TDK, an Apple and Tesla supplier, announced a breakthrough in solid-state battery materials, offering an energy density of 1,000 watt-hours per liter—100 times more than its current production. Initially targeting small devices, TDK aims to commercialize this technology soon. Challenges remain for larger applications, including electric vehicles. TDK plans to ship samples next year, with mass production to follow.

[5.5] TikTok introduces AI avatars for ads and language dubbing — The Verge

TikTok is launching generative AI tools, including customizable digital avatars and translation dubbing, to help organizations and creators enhance global reach. Symphony Digital Avatars come in stock and custom versions, supporting over 10 languages through AI dubbing. Benefits include breaking language barriers and humanizing content. Videos with AI avatars will be marked "AI-generated."

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[4.9] Probe sought on Pentagon's alleged anti-vax campaign
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[4.8] Flesh-eating bacteria spreading in Japan
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