Android autofill vulnerability and Google's AI leap

Android's autofill bug exposes passwords. Google's Gemini AI claims top performance, reshaping search and ads

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[7.5] Android autofill vulnerability exposes user credentials from password managers — TechCrunch

Researchers at IIIT Hyderabad discovered a vulnerability in Android's autofill function, named "AutoSpill," that causes mobile password managers to leak user credentials. The flaw occurs when WebView, a preinstalled engine, is used in apps to display web content. Autofill can mistakenly expose credentials to underlying app fields instead of intended login pages, like Google or Facebook. Popular password managers, including 1Password, LastPass, Keeper, and Enpass, were tested and found vulnerable.

[7.2] Google introduces Gemini, a powerful language model — The Verge

Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduces Gemini, Google's latest large language model, with three versions: Nano for Android devices, Pro for AI services, and Ultra for data centers. Gemini will integrate into Google's products and services, impacting search, ad products, and more. Google claims Gemini outperforms OpenAI's GPT-4 in 30 out of 32 benchmarks, particularly excelling in understanding and interacting with video and audio.

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