Aerosol Covid vaccine and amputee pain solution

New aerosol Covid vaccine, groundbreaking amputee pain relief method, and 2023's significant global migration trends.

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[7.7] Chinese researchers developed aerosol-based Covid-19 vaccine for respiratory infections — South China Morning Post [$]

Chinese researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences developed an aerosol-based Covid-19 vaccine, delivering microcapsules directly to the lungs. The vaccine, tested on animals, produced a sustained immune response with a single dose. It targets respiratory infections and could combat the Omicron variant. The dry, powdered vaccine remains stable at room temperature for over a month. The delivery platform is cost-effective and non-invasive, potentially aiding remote areas.

[7.1] Global migration trends in 2023: significant increases, stricter policies — The Associated Press

In 2023, over 506,000 migrants, mainly Venezuelans, crossed the Darien jungle from Colombia to Panama, doubling the previous year's record. Europe saw over 250,000 irregular arrivals by sea. Tougher immigration rules were announced in the UK, while France rejected a bill to expel undesirable foreigners. The US shifted from opening legal pathways to tightening the southern border.

[7.3] Groundbreaking method reduces phantom limb pain in amputees — Neuroscience News

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have developed a groundbreaking method to alleviate phantom limb pain in lower-limb amputees. By using spinal cord stimulation triggered by pressure sensors on a prosthetic foot, they were able to restore sensation in the missing foot and reduce phantom limb pain by 70%. This approach also improves balance and gait stability, offering hope for over 1.5 million Americans living with lower-limb amputation.

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