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  • 60 million vaccines missed, Meta's underage user dilemma

60 million vaccines missed, Meta's underage user dilemma

Pandemic leads to vaccine crisis, Meta faces legal heat, AI abuse in schools, AI pact, and rogue wave prediction

Today ChatGPT read 1238 top news stories. After removing previously covered events, there are 5 articles with a significance score over 7.

[8.2] Covid-19 pandemic leads to 60 million missed vaccines — The New York Times [$]

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to over 60 million children missing standard childhood vaccines, resulting in serious outbreaks of diseases. By mid-2023, 47 countries reported measles outbreaks, up from 16 in 2020. Nigeria faces its largest diphtheria outbreak, with over 17,000 suspected cases and nearly 600 deaths. 12 countries have circulating polio virus. Gavi reports "zero-dose children" account for nearly half of all child deaths from vaccine-preventable illnesses. An additional 85 million children are under-immunized due to the pandemic.

[7.2] Meta accused of knowingly having millions of underage users — Business Insider

Newly unsealed documents reveal Meta knowingly has millions of underage users on Instagram. Thirty-three states claim Meta "routinely continued to collect" children's personal information. The company reportedly closed "only a fraction" of those accounts. Under US law, each violation is subject to fines of up to $50,120. Meta denies the allegations, stating it has measures in place to remove underage accounts. If proven, Meta could face unprecedented fines.

[7.2] UK school pupils ‘using AI to create indecent imagery of other children’ — The Guardian

Experts warn that British schoolchildren are using AI to create realistic indecent images of other children, constituting child sexual abuse material. UK Safer Internet Centre reports a need for urgent action in implementing better blocking systems against such material. The Internet Watch Foundation emphasizes the illegal nature of AI-generated child sexual abuse imagery, which is becoming increasingly realistic and threatening to overwhelm the internet.

[7.1] International agreement on AI safety emphasizes security measures — Reuters

The US, UK, and 16 other countries have unveiled the first detailed international agreement on AI safety. The non-binding 20-page document emphasizes creating AI systems "secure by design" and includes recommendations for monitoring, data protection, and vetting suppliers.

[7.2] AI equation predicts rogue waves, protecting ships — Livescience.com

Scientists have developed an AI-based equation to forecast rogue waves, which are at least twice as high as surrounding waves and can devastate ships. Using 700 years of ocean data, the team created a model that can predict the likelihood of a rogue wave forming. The AI's methods were refined using symbolic regression, revealing that around 100,000 rogue waves occur daily worldwide. This breakthrough can help protect ships by predicting and avoiding rogue wave formation.

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